Viridia is a leading provider of sustainability consulting services in British Columbia, focusing on urban, rural, and sustainability planning. In brief, this involves combining research and analysis with community engagement and input to ensure that today’s best practices in sustainability are oriented with the local community’s interests and needs.

Viridia understands sustainability as a process, and as a lens through which to view current and emergent challenges and trends related to human health, ecosystem function, and community development. We recognize that both economic and social activity take place within the larger base of ecological systems, and are in fact entirely dependent on its healthy functioning.

Viridia takes pride in developing and implementing solutions with a wide range of public and private sector clients. Our objective is to always make use of emergent and scientific thinking to ensure our built communities fit the needs of our human experience while actively encouraging functional and thriving ecosystems. Viridia plans across multiple scales – from local sites to neighborhoods, cities, and broad scale regional landscapes. Our solutions address sustainable community development, water and watersheds, alternative energy, climate change impacts and adaptation, low impact development, urban forests, and more.